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ChatGPT experts in : 1. Q&A 2. Grammar correction 3. Summarize for a 2nd grader 4. Natural language to OpenAI API 5. Text to command 6. English to other languages 7. Natural language to Stripe API 8. SQL translate 9. Parse unstructured data 10.Classification 11.Python to natural language 12.Movie to Emoji 13.Calculate Time Complexity 14.Translate programming languages 15.Advanced tweet classifier 16.Explain code 17.Keywords 18.Factual answering 19.Ad from product description 20.Product name generator 21.TL;DR summarization 22.Python bug fixer 23.Spreadsheet creator 24.JavaScript helper chatbot 25.ML/AI language model tutor 26.Science fiction book list maker 27.Tweet classifier 28.Airport code extractor 29.SQL request 30.Extract contact information 31.JavaScript to Python 32.Friend to chat 33.Mood to color 34.Write a Python docstring 35.Analogy maker 36.JavaScript one line function 37.Micro horror story creator 38.Third-person converter 39.Notes to summary 40.VR fitness idea generator 41.Essay outline 42.Recipe creator (eat at your own risk) 43.Chat 44.Turn by turn directions 45.Restaurant review creator 46.Create study notes 47.Interview questions Steps: 1.Make your order 2. PM shopee chat to us your questions/ problems, provide us your email. 3.We email you the answer. Please note that due to this is shared account, u might encounter 1 hour cooldown per day. Once u buy mean u acknowledge and agree with it. Hence no refund, thanks. Kindly note that Chat gpt 4.0 still in BETA and not fully released yet. So u might facing usage limit issue, just use 3.5 is basically the same. Thanks. If the site reaching capacity and unable to login, pls wait for few awhile and try login again. This is due to their own server busy and having issue, not under our control. All goods sold is not refundable. warranty days: 20 days #chatgpt #hotsellingitems