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NOT INCLUDING 3RD PARTY/ EXTRA SERVICE/PLATFORM/EXTENSION. THIS LISTING/ITEM ONLY PROVIDES EXTRA STORAGE MAINLY. *ONLY CAN ADD PEOPLE IF WANT TO SHARE FILES, SHARING TO PUBLIC OPTION IS DISALLOWED FOR YOUR ACCOUNT SAFETY! ? THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING! Hey, is 15GB of free Google Drive storage not enough for you? Don't worry, we got you a solution - UNLIMITED STORAGE for your own Google Drive‼️ Now it's ONLY RM20 to enjoy UNLIMITED STORAGE? ?????? ????? ????????? ??????? ✅Choose your own username ✅100% genuine unlimited drive storage ✅Easy to use ✅Best for large files ✅Only you can access your own file (unless you share them) ??? ?? ??? ??❓ 1. Pay the order. 2. Give us your desired username (username@OUR_DOMAIN) 3. We will proceed to give you login details. FAST ????????⚡️ ( will try) ??? ??? ???? ??❓ ✅Fast delivery ✅Excellent chat team to resolve your problem ✅Lifetime warranty (T&C applied) ???????? ???????? ?&?‼️ ‼️Accounts banned by Google due to the following events will void the warranty immediately. 1.1. Hacking, Phishing, Spamming, Scamming, etc 1.2. Spamming thousands Email per day 1.3. Excessive upload in Terabytes per day 1.4. Torrenting 1.5. Excessive upload of Pirated Content like Movies, Software, etc 1.6. Run Pirated Movie / Software Server 1.7. Strictly no Pxrnxgraphy 1.8. Any illegal activities that violate Google T&C ‼️Any changes to the product’s features made by Google are not covered under warranty. Thank you for supporting us! ?